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Odin's Day

Exhaustion + nausea continues apace.

Workin' Workin' Workin'
I seem to have headed off the major med-metabolization effects, but not by taking a walk - the weather is not currently conducive to a walk. No, I failed my saving roll on functionality yesterday, so I didn't get around to bagging the remaining stuff for the shelter - so that's what I spent the last hour doing. Bag, haul. Bag, haul. My "fat pants" and "fat shirts" - in quotes because y'all would likely not consider them so, but I've spent most of my like as a size 0 or 1, and I got up to a 6 and, in one case, an 8, which is < good at 4'11". Old appliances that were replaced by shiny new appliances as wedding gifts. Old towels. Elayna's preschool and kindergarten books, and her old carseat. Some unopened beauty-product samples, because gods know women in a battered women's shelter deserve to be pampered! Fourteen big black trash bags.

V is for Visitor
But she doesn't unhinge her jaw and eat gerbils. Seriously. I promise.

gwynraven will be here this weekend! Let's have a little birthday do for her! My house, Saturday. :)

Operation Freefall
Don't forget - I'm jumping out of a plane for charity next Saturday! And the Craftsman gave me an in-person donation of $100 last weekend, which puts me at $905. Remember, I promised that if I raised $1,000, I'd skydive sans panties. You want that, don't you? Click here to sponsor me! (katfireblade, did you decide if you're coming up here for your jump?)

I have put a backdated post on the tippy-top of my journal to collect one-word prompts for this year's Blogathon, which will be July 29. Give me prompts! I'll look up and post links to my past Blogathons so you can see what I do with 'em.

Today's Goal
Cleaning up/filing in my office. Half the paper lying around here is just stuff for me to look up online. I'm not moving this crap! *laugh*

That, and a nap, which I did not get yesterday.

It is a happy day. Any day that starts with me doing something very Good For The World is a happy day.
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