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Yet another service we provide!

One day last week, I was *the* person to call on the way home from work. (Three people, all in a row, all in the car.)

Today, we were *the* people to call for... really random stuff.

Phone rings; Adam gets it. Conversation occurs. He says "I don't know if it was a brontosaurus or a stegosaurus." I give him a baffled look. He gives me a baffled look. I go check my e-mail. When I return, he's *still* on the phone, watching Firefly on mute.

Adam: "Do you know which episode has Wash playing with the dinosaurs?"

Me: "The first one."

Adam: "Okay."

Me: "This is about Wash's dinosaurs?"

Adam: "It's zarhooie. She's in Target. She wants to buy Wash's dinosaurs."

Me: "Stegosaurus."

Adam: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Yellow stegosaurus."

Adam: "And the other one?"

Me: "T. Rex."

Adam and I both question why I know this when everything else slips out of my head. I blame LJ. Half of you have Wash-playing-with-dinosaurs icons.

The other randomness: a call from avivasedai, wanting a plot summary of House. Due to the wonders of TiVo, we were yet unable to provide same (being only halfway through the episode) - but avivasedai, call tomorrow and I'll give you the scoop!

And we missed a call from dark_blade. :( Sorry, hon - was at a meeting with Elayna's Gifted teacher. The kids are doing a skit. The skit includes interpretative dance. In silver lame. I anticipate this bearing a slight resemblance to Dracula's brides in Van Helsing. Today was an organizational meeting of the parents - my presence is apparently required on Friday to staple construction paper to the stage or something. Oy.

So zarhooie thinks of us when she thinks of Firefly, and avivasedai thinks of us when she thinks of House. Both good associations. What do you associate with us?
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