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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to kradical and theano!

Oh crap I am really fucked up right now. Um. Exhaustion + really really bad nausea. As in, I have the trash can next to my computer. Um. Brain no worky. Just - can't think. Words no worky. Face tingly - tongue very tingly. Eyes having a little trouble focusing. Breathing slightly problematic. I am fucked up.


Okay. I think I need to take a walk right after taking my morning meds. Social interactivity seems to help - I think physical activity helps, too. Will do that tomorrow.

Today's Goals
Finish purging the house of unnecessary crap, to donate to the battered women's shelter - that truck is coming by tomorrow. Crap is not *actually* crap, it's just stuff we don't use.

And finish the Jessa-and-Fenris bit I was working on on the plane.

My brain stalls out. This sucks.

Another goal - tackle the 500+ unanswered LJ comments. Because... dude.

Rest brain now.
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