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Happy birthday to amberite!

Exhaustion + nausea, tiny bit of brainfog.

Mostly had decent meds days during my mini-vacation. I was tingly and wobbly yesterday, but could think straight. I think social interaction in the few hours post-meds really helps. Keeps the brain working!

Party People
The traditional list of Who You Met: ahf, avivasedai, ayalanya and man, caulay, cos, dicotomygrrl and man, fibro_witch, ian_gunn, jmspencer, lbitw, liamstliam, mizarchivist and her mom, mgrasso, mrf_arch, perldiver, fubar, quiet_elegance, rafaela, ragingamazon, slipjig, and skintalker. That list looks small. Felt like more - we are all rowdy and stuff! I think that's everyone. I'm working from eVite yeses and maybes. If you thought someone was cute and didn't get introduced and the name isn't jumping out at you, e-mail me!

At one point, the Craftsman, my new flirt buddy, and the girl I got to beat at Arisia were all sitting together playing with Magnetix. I so wanted to take a picture and post it saying "I get to hit that!" In her case, literally. But yeah. I get the cute ones. :)

And now my meds are starting to slow me, fog me, so I'm going to go lay down.
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