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Back from Boston.

Best party EVAR. *falls over* I love you guys.

I have the Vosges Green Collection truffles - thanks, ian_gunn!

I got to hug and snuggle so many people yesterday and today. I was high off that til we got to the airort, at which point I got quietly maudlin, as usual. Noooo. Don't wanna go. Atlanta != Home. Boston = Home. I was writing while waiting for the plane, and a thought I'd mentioned earlier to the Craftsman crystallized further: This is the first place since Vegas I haven't hated; this is the first place since Vegas that hasn't been wrong, ill-fitting, itchy... this is the first time in twelve years that I've had a Home.

And right now, I am not there. *pines*

Otherwise? Really was the best party evar. :) So much fun. People probably thought I was drunk, I was so giddy. And next time, we need to appoint a secretary, because there were some great lines zingin' around there. :)

And... my everything hurts! I was already a bit sore from overexertion by the time I got to the party last night. (Thanks again for the shoulder rub, fubar!) By the time we got home, I was exhausted to the point of stumbling - and actually, what prompted the "time to go home" was me noticing hey, it really hurts to move. I rallied for the Diesel this afternoon - stayed til about three. Then I had a bit of a crash over late-lunch with the Craftsman, mgrasso, and emilytheslayer. The Craftsman ordered me to bed, and I rested, partly-dozing, til time to go. I think I'll be resting a good part of tomorrow, too. Exertion + travel = damaged 'song!

Okay. Bed now!
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