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Have just finished writing the "recent history" bit of the primer. Which leads into the next fictionbit:

The Purges.

Now, the thing is... I don't know how to write the Purges.

Oh, I do - for the comic.


Sunset in Shayara.

We’ll start this off with another swoopy tracking shot…start out through the gates, arriving at the Library, from the exterior. Through a window, we see that Donna, Kieran, Henry, and Lucy are sitting on the floor, playing a board game; the kids are totally into it, Donna a little less so, but still amused, and Kieran just looks terribly anxious.

Swoop down to the street that Tyka!’s on. More people than usual on the street. As we pass by Tyka! and peer in briefly, we see why; there are flyers outside proclaiming that Driftwood Angels are playing a live gig there on Saturday night, and indeed they are; I’ll describe the band to you separately. Tyka! is fairly packed. Halloran’s inside, standing against the wall with a mug of Guinness and tapping his foot in time. Also, several Pack members are there, including Quint, Telenias, and Joseph.

Swoop down that street and through the next few… show musical notes, maybe some helium balloons rising into the air. We come upon a street festival on the border between downtown and the Carnival District. Typical little carnival, with lots of balloons, some live musicians, booths everywhere with games in ‘em. We see Capri and her family briefly – Capri eating cotton candy, her parents grinning down at her indulgently. Signs proclaim this to be the Autumn Festival.

Swoop through the festival and through the Carnival District; we’re not stopping here, just looking through. Much darker, here, with the fog omnipresent, and with a much darker sort of person…

Swoop through the forest, into House Bartomn, where there is much hubbub. We see people scurrying frantically through the windows. We go in.

Which will do just peachy keen for a comic.But less fine for prose.

My problem is this... I don't know who to start with, who to stick with. This is a night that profoundly affects everyone, and I've written the beginning of it from Fenris's perspective, from Ryan's, from Tyka's (Tyka is the person, Tyka! is the coffeehouse), from Jeramie's, from others... all of them are valuable viewpoint characters. Hell, maybe someday I'll put out a chapbook just of short stories about the Purges.

Let's look at the characters I've listed, and a few more.

And nothing here is a spoiler, because it all happened five or so years before Our Story Begins. Where were they when it started? What did they see?

Fenris was in the coffeehouse, listening to the band, mug of Guinness in his hand. Having a damn fine evening. Halloran, too.

Ryan was in his apartment when he got an unexpected visit from a dressed-to-kill Alanna, Jeramie, Kristian, and a complement of Hounds. She smiles charmingly and bids him follow her.

Tyka... ah. Tyka knew what was coming. Tyka exists in that taut state of anticipation, when you know that the nightmare is almost here...

Jeramie dressed Alanna for the evening. Her constant companion. Jeramie, too, knows what's coming... but not all of it.

Kieran has a bad feeling about tonight. He wonders why... but does not think to ask the recently-dead.

Michael Halloran - our Halloran's big brother - is expecting the visit. Here, threads join, his and Ryan's. Ryan, his lover.

And it begins - Alanna's attempted seduction of Michael... and, suddenly, shockingly, his murder.

Threads part.

Our Halloran, feeling the deaths of his brother, his family, bursts from the coffeehouse, runs blindly for home...

Alanna radios for the Hounds to be released, for Jessamyn and her family to be killed, and Jessa screams in Fenris's mind...

Ryan collapses, blinded by tears, just a few feet from his beloved's corpse and Alanna's laughter...

Tyka hides, knowing that it has begun...

Jeramie hears the news of Jessa's death - a twist that Alanna had introduced without his knowledge - and assures smug Alanna, who's certain that he can't torture her any more than he already has, that she has seen nothing yet...

Who do I follow? Fenris, battling Hounds and losing ground? Ryan, trapped in the house of his dead lover, taunted by the lovely psychopath who killed him? Jeramie, torn between pride and grief, and unable to show either? Halloran, running for his life and then for Capri's, flash-bonding with her in a brilliant instant? Tyka, rescuing anyone she can?

Everyone has a story. Especially this night.

Threads join. Threads part.

It is large. Hell, when I do it in comic form, it'll be a graphic novel of its own. It is a microcosm of the story entire.

*tips head back* I need more coffee.
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