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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to lbitw!

Hello to returning reader faecat!

Ugh. Exhaustion + nausea + brainfog. Yesterday = overexertion! I'm dialing down on the physical activity today and refocusing on - well, I'd say nonphysical goals, but everything's physical! I'll focus on writing goals.

Bush - Tough Against Ninjas
The ATF "pounce"d upon a UGA student dressed as a ninja yesterday. Arrested him. Kid walking home from a party.

Yes. Dressing like a ninja is apparently, um, an act of terrorism or something.

I strongly urge the Democrats to solicit the ninja vote in '08, since the present administration has clearly just come down on the side of the pirates.

And... that's all for now. Can't top the ninja thing. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms... and Ninjas.
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