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...and my day.

I am so jittery right now, and it comes directly from running all over town all damn day.

I was quite surprised - making an appointment at Social Security actually works! Last time I was there - to change my card when I got married - we were sitting around for, I shit you not, 3+ hours. This time? Walked in, signed in, was called in probably under 5 minutes. The woman copied my birth certificate, had me sign medical release forms, and Adam and I were back in the car before my actual appointment time. Whoa, dude.

From there to Borders, to kill enough time for me to work up an appetite for lunch. I was a very good girl, sorrowfully putting back four books, and we stuck to the family usual - one book for me, one for Adam, one for me-and-Adam, and one for Elayna. Stress occurred at the checkout counter, though, when a cash register malfunction had us standing there for over ten minutes, making Adam all kinds of tetchy...

Lunch was Maggiano's. I love Maggiano's for dinner, but they *really* put their crappy waitrons on for lunch. The guy originally got my food order wrong - he repeated it, so I heard and was able to correct him in time - and got my wine order wrong, bringing me some piffly white thing. And then took forbloodyever exchanging it. The manager walked by the table a few times casting significant glasses at the clearly-rejected glass and at the waiter, and it was the manager who finally brought me the correct wine. Food was good, though.

Then back to the house in just enough time to grab the cookies - laurelian and regyt, they're on their way! childofchaos, I still need an updated address for you...

While Adam was going through the shipping process, I picked up my jeans, then we killed the five minuts between that and kid pickup at the coffee place by the UPS place... then off to get the kid, then off to my doctor.

My doctor's office continued the trend of getting me into appointments early - they called me back before I could finish signing in! Adam handled the co-pay, and I was hustled back and stuck in a room. I snuck out in my stockinged feet to weigh myself.


Yes. Stressy crazy day, yes, but: I broke the 90-pound barrier. FINALLY. I broke the 90-pound barrier.

Got the prescriptions I needed, and got out of what was supposed to be a 3:00 appointment by 3:10. Off to CVS! Prescriptions (eventually) filled. Back home. Sat down, tried to do e-mail, was immediately dragged away for laundry crisis, returned, and, and, this is the first chance I've had all day to sit down. And I'm exhausted.

At the doctor's office, the nurse that took my vitals asked the standard question: "What are you doing this weekend?"

Me: "Going to Boston!"

Her: "Oh, good! Is that home?"

Me: "Kinda, yeah. Yeah. It is."

We're doing the seder tomorrow, because at the time we got out of CVS, Elayna was two hours delayed on starting her homework and I was on the verge of collapse. So I'll go to Whole Foods tomorrow, and do this stuff when I have *time*, and more energy. Chag tov, everyone!

EDIT: Wow, yeah. My body will be paying for this much activity tomorrow.
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