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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to corwinok and lifecollage!

I may have already welcomed Leonard, but I may not, so I'm lumping him in: Hello to new readers andor, bobus, leonardpart6, lurkerwithout, and mycroft, and to returning readers cafferine and centralasian!

(Now I have a Mycroft from each coast. Keen!)

Just took the Meds of Doom. Exhaustion, though, despite yesterday's four-hour nap. Nausea. I ate decently yesterday, though. EDIT: Brainfuckery like whoa. Some balance issues.

Have been at level 11 for a few days without being arsed to kill the Sorceress. I tend to do that - charge through my run, charge up to the gates, then wander off for a bit.

Operation Freefall
Remember, I'm jumping out of a plane for charity three Saturdays from now! Please sponsor me!

Boston Boston Boston!
In 57 hours! *vibrate* Verra excited. :)

Today's Insanity
Social Security office at 11, and primary care doctor at 3. In between, mailing Girl Scout cookies, since Adam's here to carry boxes (yes, my wrist is still unhappy), and much house-type stuff. I have a special secret writing project that will amuse you. If I get around to writing it today.

Character Snapshots
What character would you like to see next?
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