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Still sleepy from my nap, I dragged Elayna into Caribou Coffee on the way home - only to notice a new stuffed moose! In the tradition of stuffed animals from coffeeshops, this one was dressed as another animal. In this case, a bunny. We immediately seized upon the moose and, with much snuggling and petting and many declarations of adorability, we brought it to the cash register.

Me: "We'll take him." *pats moose on the bunny-garbed head*

Elayna: "My mommy collects them."

Barista: "Oh, I just started collecting them. Aren't they cute?"

Elayna: "Very cute! But also very confused."

Barista, also very confused: "Confused?"

Elayna: "Well, yes. See - he thinks he's a bunny. When he's clearly a moose. He's confused. Mommy collects the confused ones. She also has a bear who thinks he's a moose, a moose who thinks he's a duck - lots of them."

Me, with the assist, seeing no way out of this conversation: "We take them in, seeing as it's clear that they'll have trouble functioning in the outside world. They're very misunderstood."

Barista: "I... see."

Me: "And a large Campfire Mocha with no whipped cream, please."

This is a normal day for us.

I need to take pictures of the collection.
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