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On Suits and Shirts

One of my big problems, energywise, is that I *still* always schedule based on my pre-seizure, pre-medication energy levels unless strongly reminded not to. So I was hit with the bitch-slap of exhaustion immediately after having a snack and bagging the discards (yep, full bag!), laid down for a moment, and just now got up, blinking blearily...

*shuffles goals*

On Suits: Thanks for the advice, and you guys are absolutely right - writing up descriptions and the listing fees and packing and mailing and oy! with the poodles already! There's a consignment store on my way home from getting Miss Kid; I'll stop in and see if they want stuff in my size. I know they take this sort of clothing; I have walked by the window display many a time.

On Shirts: Actually, I've been saving some of Elayna's shirts for a T-shirt quilt - a destination-y one. People always bring her T-shirts from their vacations. That would be a cute quilt. And Adam has wearing-out T-shirts that would make a nifty quilt, also with a theme - comic-book stuff. Me... most of my memory-type shirts are either baby-doll style shirts, which wouldn't translate well, or just not T-shirts. Plus, if I kept them all and sliced them up, the shelter wouldn't get anything - and this isn't just about cleaning out the dresser, it's about giving to the shelter. So... my shirts are leaving the building.

The shirts that were important to me as a teenager, Elayna sleeps in. Most notably the Les Mis shirt I got when I was 14. :) This is when I could wear normal shirts. Since having her, I'm not just a short chick, I'm a short chick with *curves* - yes, even after the weight loss, the hips still exist! So regular T-shirts just fit all wrong, since they're meant for people with a longer torso. In case you were wondering.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and opinions - and zarhooie, watch out, I may just take you up on that offer of quilting for Adam and Elayna!
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