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Happy birthday to cissa!

Hello to, um, all of the new readers. I have no idea when I welcomed people last. *guilty look*

Just a little hazy so far. Didn't sleep well last night... took forever to get to sleep. I blame the cats. Jack decided that my torso made the perfect cat bed. Ah well - nap today, then.

Housewifey Goals
Accomplished yesterday: all but two, and those two weren't time-fixed and can be done today. I have a bunch of writing-type goals for today, and one house-type thing: gathering stuff to donate to the shelter. Which is a goal for every day this week (save Friday - Friday goals are "pack, get to airport by noon-thirty, write at least one primer segment on plane"), because... this house isn't big, per se, but it's big-ish. Which has not encouraged me, these past few years, to get rid of stuff I'm never going to use. I mean, I still have placemats I got as wedding gifts. From my previous wedding. In 1998. With the tags still attached.

Short Skirt and a Long Jacket
One of the things I'll be selling rather than giving away: my old business suits. Yes, I used to wear suits. Job before last, back in Florida. I can't decide if I'm going with eBay or a consignment shop... recommendations? I'll keep a few, but... I have over a dozen, as well as a bunch of dresses I'll never wear again, and I can probably make a few hundred dollars off 'em. This is just one of those things... I may get to the point of making a tidy living from my writing, I may not, but I can't see myself ever having a job where I have to wear suits again. *shudder*

I think that's it for now. I have my laptop on the kitchen table... this is better than relying solely on the desktop downstairs, as with this setup, I can do quick e-mail checks. With the downstairs-only setup, I'd wind up on the computer for an hour just because it was a pain in the ass to keep running up and down the stairs.

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