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Jack: *tug* *tug*

'song, thinking: Erf. Whafuck?

Jack: *tug* *tug* *tug... on sock*

'song: *wiggle foot out of sock to escape stupid cat*

Adam: *wakes up to cat/sock action* *looks at clock* "Oh, shit!"

So I guess I ought to thank Jack for waking us up. At 7:45. The exact time that Elayna's school starts.

Madness occurs for about half an hour. Adam showers, Elayna gets dressed - shit, we're out of cereal. Okay, waffle. Lunch packing - shit, we're out of meat. Shit, we're out of bread. Shit shit shit. Okay. Snacks get packed - unusual snacks, because we're all out of the usual ones. I ride herd on the child to get teeth and hair brushed.

It is discovered that child had spring break homework that did not get done. Child gets TV privileges taken away. To her credit, child does not argue this.

We swing by Publix and pick up lunch meat. Elayna likes just plain lunch meat, no condiments, no bread. So. Elayna has lunch meat, pretzels, a granola bar, Girl Scout cookies, and a buck for fruit punch. (She's allergic to today's school lunch choices.)

We drop Elayna off; I sign her in. I am relieved to see that about a dozen kids are likewise late on this, the first school day after spring break. Long line under "reason" of "slept in", "slept in", "slept in". I write "alarms failed us. awakened by cat." just for variety.

I drop Adam off.

I hit Publix once again. I buy two of everything on the list, because I hate running out of stuff. I buy six packs of fruit-n-gel cups, because they're buy one get one free. The cashier tells me to run and get a roll of Bounty paper towels, because it's their secret sale item and only costs a penny today. Cashiers like me. I save $16 in total, all on stuff we normally buy anyway, save for the paper towels.

Home! Unload everything. Finally hit the coffee and the morning meds. Order Elayna's seder prize. Confirm battered women's shelter donation pickup. Call and pay off Elayna's flute.

I have a schedule; I have index cards for every day this week, all full. Forgot to schedule walks and naps. Think naptime is... now. *nod*

Housewifing = of the good.
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