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Today, I slept in - had breakfast - went for a walk - then went back to sleep and just woke up.

*blinks dazedly*

Body is stressed.

Tomorrow, we return to Adam's and Elayna's regular schedules, and I start to determine what my schedule will be...

My week, for my purposes:

Monday: Elayna has Mad Science - late pickup!
Tuesday: Normal schedule
Wednesday: 11 AM, Social Security office; 3 PM, primary care doctor. Pick up jeans from seamstress. Passover starts! Cook Jew Food.
Thursday: Elayna has chess club - late pickup!
Friday: Must be at airport by noon-thirty.

Monday or Tuesday: Pick up prize for Elayna for finding the afikoman. It's not like she has any competition for it. Monday or Tuesday, depending on Adam's schedule: mail cookies! Actually, probably Wednesday; he'll be off on Wednesday taking me to Social Security. Reason I need Adam: I can't lift the boxes. laurelian's box is crazy; regyt's only slightly less so. childofchaos, I need an address for you. gwynraven, want me to just hold onto them for your visit? And get with me on party planning!

Weekend: Veggie tray and, if possible, fun Jew Food for avivasedai... anyone else going to be Kosher for Passover? Anyone have food allergies? caulay, send me address and driving instructions? Still need crashspace for New Yorkers. Bostonians, semi-adopt a New Yorker today!

My brain is so tired.

I have set up a recipe for insanity in August: Las Vegas from August 6-10 (tentative); PiCon (a panelist is me!) from August 11-13. Yep. Less than 24-hour gap. Probably, in action, something like 2 hours. On top of that, Elayna's return from FL right after that, which also means dealing with my parents, having to be ready to Defend My Choice once again, but this time with visual aids.

Not doing any cons after that til PhilCon where, once again, a panelist is me!, but I will have Spooky as social secretary. That's November. I need to stop thinking about November and August and concentrate on April. This upcoming weekend, Boston. Next weekend, Gwyn! + Great Big Sea concert. Following weekend, I jump out of a plane.

Coffee now.

EDIT: Must go through old clothes and stuff to donate to the battered women's shelter - their truck is coming through Wednesday the 19th. The less stuff I have to move to Boston, the better, and this way it does some good. Atlantans, if you have anything to give, bring it by. Clothes, small appliances, pretty much anything.
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