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FAQ answer

Since it still gets asked about every other day:

Yes, we are still moving to Boston!

We're hoping for a last-weekend-of-May move, if all goes according to my devious plan. And, though things have not *completely* solidified yet... they're looking good.

Why? Because all of our other reasons still stand. Better schools for Elayna, a return to something like home (and an actual city! and gaming buddies!) for Adam, and the support system/social network for me. Well, for both of us, that last one. All of Adam's friends are up north, too.

haikujaguar did a Balance Card reading for me tonight, regarding the Boston move as well as other things. This is one of the things that came up for Boston:

haikujaguar: "Hmm. Interestingly, I have here the Rogue. Protection of self. I would take that to be a good sign... at least suggesting that Boston and the ability to keep yourself protected are linked. Goodness."
shadesong: "Goodness?"
haikujaguar: "Yes. It's a self-satisfied rogue. Pleased with herself. Feeling healthy. *grin* ...She's smug. *laugh* And has two daggers. And is near a rock. And grinning. She's having fun, I think. She feels competent. :)"

I need to save up for a card painting of the Rogue, I think. :) Micah's cards are different for each person, each reading, so this would be *my* Rogue... well, here, look. Compare my Orchard with... I think this one is deyaniera's Orchard.

Want my Rogue!

And want Boston now please. :)
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