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"Everyday is Like Sunday"
But not silent and gray... no, every day is like Sunday because Adam and Elayna are both home with me, and I'm sleeping in every day, and there is no structure. So I haven't gotten used to this not-working thing yet. Monday, structure will happen.

"Everything's going so well!"
Wheels turn apace. Great strides were made this morning. I am well pleased. :)

Okay, I'm out of lyrics and quotes for right now.
This was an errand-running morning - finally found a padded envelope for Ember's Btown art book and sent that (short-term memory loss is fun!), took my new jeans in to be hemmed -

Oh, and this is very much a classic 'song thing - soon as I walked in, the seamstress said "Oh! How did your wedding go?"

I met this woman twice, five minutes each time, a year and a half ago, and she remembers me. *Everyone* remembers me. In keeping with the theme - we bought Elayna's maid of honor dress at a David's Bridal in Florida. The saleswoman recognized me from my one visit for my *previous* wedding, at that point six years ago. From another David's Bridal. o_O

<--- is memorable

Like I said not long ago, being memorable does help when Adam's shopping for me - the store manager remembers what items I was gazing longingly at the last time I was there. And RenFaire vendors who haven't seen me in years remember what I was looking for last time and bring it in case I came back...

I've been told, by mangosteen (remembered me for two years from seeing me on a panel at Arisia, though we weren't even introduced at the time) as well as others, that it's not the height (which I had, of course, always assumed that it was, seeing as that's my defining characteristic and the one thing that sets me most apart from anyone else you're likely to meet). So. I don't know what it is.

Anyway! Pants hemmed, and then we ran a few more errands, having to do with a certain person's birthday on Saturday, and now we are home.

Hi! How are you today?
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