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And now? Phasers on random.

The rest of today's pics. One, I'll leave uncut, so you can all go "aw..."

This is my cat. His name is Max. Actually, his name is Emperor Maximilian Cocoapuff the First, but that's tsarinanic's fault. :) Max is a 10-year-old chocolate-point Siamese... he is solid but not fat, he is very loving and rumbly, and he's a little shy. His favorite activities include sleeping and curling up with me when I watch TV - he'll snuggle in and throw a leg across my leg, rest his head in my lap.

I've said before that I have mutant feet. See? I do! The condition is called brachymetatarsia. I leave four-toed footprints and don't do well in high heels. :)

And I figured since I had the camera out, I'd take a picture of what I'm wearing, like whitecrow0 does. This is an outfit of last resort! Skirt because my jeans are in the wash; bra-top tank because my bras are in the wash. Laundry day.

If you're curious: That's the spear and umbrella on one side of the mirror, our ketubah behind it, and the purses hanging on the closet door are gifts from dicotomygrrl and zarhooie. :) The tail on the bed most likely belongs to Jack.
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