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Sand Mandala

I didn't get as many pictures of the process as I wanted... but I did get a few, from different days. So. The creation of a sand mandala. By Tibetan monks.

Immediately after the opening ceremonies, they started laying out a grid on the table. They had a bag full of chalk dust - they ran a string through it, carefully stretched the string across the table, and plucked it to release the chalk dust in a perfect line.

One day later. They fill the silver or brass tubes with colored sand, and scrape metal wands along the ridges of the tubes, allowing out just a few grains at a time...

The pads are to rest their wrists or forearms.

One day later, and closer to done...

The last picture I have. Still far from complete - it'll get a lot more elaborate. I wish I could've gotten close enough to show you more detail!
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