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* I am not going in to work tomorrow. Or ever again. Muahaha. :) More than that, I cannot say right now. Trust in Shadesong.

* Have been exhausted for so long. Will begin to get caught up on that. Yay!

* A moderator is me! *waves pom-poms* Yes, I'm announcing my next charity thing before finishing out my current charity thing. Don't worry, I won't be hitting people up for Blogathon sponsorship til June. This year, since I'm doing Operation Freefall for RAINN, I'm pondering what charity to fundraise for... I want to do something to help with the reconstruction of New Orleans, and mrf_arch suggested a while back that Habitat For Humanity might be the best charity for that.

* I should put my schedule of regular charity events in my schedule-f00 post. Operation Freefall, Blogathon, and AIDS Walk Boston this year, at the very least. Although... erk. AIDS Walk Boston is June 4, looks like, and if everything comes through and we move on schedule, that's a matter of days after we unload the truck - my body may not be up to that. I ought to postpone that one til next year. St00pid body.

* Chances are moderate to high that I'll be visiting Las Vegas this August. Closer to high than moderate, is my opinion of the matter after last night's phone call.

* I have made so many typos on this. Argh. And my short-term memory has been even worse than usual lately. *shrug* Rest will help, I think.

* I'm terribly excited about my Boston trip. Less than two weeks now! *dances*

* Okay. Will go rest now. *nod*
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