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[Shayara] Snapshot - age 15

He's sitting at the edge of the shield that circumscribes the Sanctuary, staring out, staring into shifting grey. The blue in his eyes is swallowed by grey as well - anger. Not just anger at the guy who pushed him, goaded him, into the fight - anger at himself for allowing himself to be goaded. He clenches his fist again, feeling the blood on his knuckles, and his jaw tightens. He wipes the blood off on worn jeans, tattered near the pockets and ankles.

She stands just behind him, long wheat-gold hair and long silk skirt shifting in the breeze; she radiates love and pain and sympathy. Her connection to him surpasses mere empathy - he is her kiri, her best friend. She touches him gently, small hand on broad shoulder. In answer to the thought that pulses across his mind, she drops to her knees and embraces him from behind. "You are not an animal," she whispers vehemently. She says it over and over... eventually, he starts to believe it.
Tags: shayara, shayara.character.snapshot, shayara.fenris, shayara.jessamyn
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