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I wish I had a big Monster House done stamp. *nods*

Right now, I would be stamping it on one of our few remaining debts. Well, not remaining, after today.


/echoey voice

And that's the fourth in the last thirty days. And two more, and possibly a third, are getting the done stamp as soon as the tax return kicks in.

Yeah. Want to know how we'll be able to manage living without my salary? We've been paying my entire salary plus $200 a month to aggressively obliterate debt. Dude, I have spreadsheets and Plans and stuff. *sage nod*

So yeah. We've gotten rid of hundreds of dollars in monthly payments in the past month, and we're getting rid of more Real Soon Now - the two that'll be disappearing? The minimum payment on each is $15, and we've been paying $150 each just to get them gone. After the tax return gets here? Frees up $300/month.

And we're paying off Elayna's flute, too.

I could talk about this for hours, the way I've micromanaged this, shifted the money around. You have no idea how much of this I've gotten rid of in the past year. No idea. To get to the point where we don't need my salary. And we're almost there. :)

I deserve chocolate. Fortunately, chocolate exists. The Scholar sent me three bars of dark chocolate - mm! - and Adam bought me a Vosges Red Fire bar. (You know you're a regular at the specialty kitchen and food store when, upon entering, the owner says "Oh, the chocolate your wife likes came in!" And the guy gave him a free creme brulee mix.)

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