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To tide you over...

Raw output! Notes I scribbled forever ago about going out to the hot springs with Brian and Andre. They were best friends, and not tweakers; Brian got frustrated and angry when I was high. I understand now why it upset him so.

Brian has been referred to here as CubitMan. :) And he and Garet were the closest things I had to boyfriends, besides Layne. I'd never heard of poly then, so I don't think we ever called each other boyfriend-and-girlfriend, since I already *had* a boyfriend... I'd look him up, but he is ungoogleable by reason of very common name, both first and last.

He and I were at Cafe Copioh that day. Andre found us there, and told us that a bunch of his hippie friends were headed out to some hot spring. We went to grab my backpack, and tailed the hippies out there, or tried to...

Walking through canyons of gravel in my sandals as we followed a peace-sign-chalked trail through canyons to try to find the hot springs Andre's hippie friends were at, til it got dark... finding a burgundy sweater (which I still have in a drawer), picking it up, and saying "It smells like patchouli - we're on the right trail!" Walking til it was too dark to walk anymore, without flashlights; finding a wide flat stone and spreading a blanket over it, and sleeping between Brian and Andre for warmth. Waking up the next day to find that we'd been sleeping on the edge of a lake - so quiet, so calm. Bathing in the lake with two beautiful men, Brian tall and buff (he worked construction) (he was Cubit Man), strong nose, aqua eyes, dark blonde hair that fell loose almost to his shoulders.... Andre, darker and slim, deep brown eyes and ponytailed long brown hair, with just a slight wave to it, freckled., delicate hands with long fingers... finally finding the hippies and splashing around til afternoon. The drive back in Andre's battered blue car... Brian fell asleep in the backseat, and Andre pulled over just to enjoy the view of the desert, the absolute nothingness, and I put my arm over his - my skin pale, light-honey, his nut-brown - just enjoying the contrast - and he kissed me, and we drove home.

I will write that out when my wrist feels better. It'll be a long segment. It was a good night, a good day.
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