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Okay, when I asked what you want me to write about, I meant nonfiction... my dance card's all full for fiction! :) And besides, squirrels and rainbows = not my style...

Norse gods in Vegas is a maybe, for the future, just because anything's a maybe if you stick "in Vegas" on the end.

There was a request for more Walking on Water, and I shall comply. :) The bit that's been in my head to write that I haven't yet written is the day I met Layne. Which is very vivid, and of course extremely pivotal no matter what angle I take on the story, him being both my beloved and the person who got me onto crystal meth in the first place.

Why haven't I written it? Because I'm not sure whether there's a way to write that night that doesn't go into the sex.

And my *parents* know I'm writing this, man. I can't keep from imagining my mother clawing her eyes out.

So. We'll see.
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