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This is the beginning of a continuing post to just document all of the stuff that's wrong with me. It won't be complete today, because I shouldn't be typing much! But. Here we go, for reference, for Care And Feeding.

From the top down...

Brain: Epilepsy. Migraines.
Eyes: Optic nerve deformity, both eyes - may be caused by slowly-encroaching glaucoma, must be checked annually (June). Also, nearsightedness and astigmatism.
Neck: Branchial cleft. More an oddity than a problem.
Lungs: Mild asthma; when it triggers these days, it's usually due to extreme heat.
Heart: Supraventricular tachycardia - mild. Palpitations, flurries. Controlled by medication.
Breasts: Tendency for cysts - must be checked annually (August).
Stomach/Intestines: Gastritis & duodenitis (mild ulcer). Controlled by medication.
Back: Torn disc (L5/S1). Nodule near coccycx. Not currently treating, as I have worse problems.
Wrist: Tendonitis.
Feet: Brachymetatarsia.

Food Allergies: soy protein (when exposed to soy protein, am resensitized to soy oil & lecithin, which are not normally problems) (anaphylaxis), horseradish (hives), shellfish (anaphylaxis), buttermilk (hives)
Non-Food Allergies: Cardboard (hives), medical adhesive (hives)

I *know* I've missed stuff. Am medicated. Will come back to this later.
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