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Phasers on random

Mini-blasts from my state of mind...

Movers that drive the truck for you: ~$3,000
Moving trucks you have to drive: ~$1,000, free mileage (Budget and Penske), 5 days

Amount Woman's Day pays for essays: $2,000 (articles? Unknown, but "competitive")
Amount Bitch pays for articles: $100
Will look up others later...

Percent done on the primer: 70

Time left til I can go home and take my nap: 45 minutes

Wrist pain: Moderate
Medication taken for same today: 1 Celebrex, 2 Tylenol
Days overdue orthopod is on giving me MRI results: 2

Days until most important event of 2006 so far: 4
Number of things in statis til about a week after that (estimate): 5 kajillion

Thing not in numerical format: My breasts are noticably larger. *looks down* I hope that this is weight gain and not just a premenstrual thing. *looks down again* Perkier, too. Yep. That's nice.
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