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Finally Friday!

And an attempt at a normal post...

Happy birthday to everyone whose birthdays I've missed!

Hello to new readers adrian76 and leonardpart6, and dear corrguineacht! :)

The usual. Exhaustion + nausea + a bit of brainfuckery. Have been having bouts of going to bed quite early.
Wrist hurts.

Operation Freefall!
Please sponsor kungfoogirl! She needs $600 by April 1 to do the jump. She's at $440. Please, please, please!
*checks* Ditto enderfem, who's at $285!

I am at $770, which means that I am jumping, but with panties. Unless I get more money. But right now, I'd rather you sponsor K-Foo and Enderfem first, or they won't be able to do the jump at all.

Sponsor KungFooGirl!
Sponsor EnderFem!
Sponsor me!

And many, many thanks to those of you that have already sponsored, and those of you that have already pimped...

Friday Memeage!
Burgundy twinset and jeans; happy bunny panties and red-and-black-striped "troublemaker" socks. My hair is not clipped back - I'm wearing a headband. Weeeird.

I just finished The Engineer Reconditioned by Neal Asher and Nightlife by Rob Thurman. The latter is a first novel, and quite fun! The former is a short story collection, and my love for Neal Asher is well-documented. (Previously-documented side note - everyone I have sex with also reads Asher. Which bodes well for australian_joe's chances. Craftsman, d'you read him, or do I need to get you a copy of Gridlinked or The Skinner?)

I've just started City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff Vandermeer, whose writing style on Veniss Underground - and the three pages of this that I read over breakfast - reminds me of nothing more than Francesca Lia Block's Estasia. Yes, that's a good thing.

Elayna is Reading
Dunk, by David Lubar. She just finished Jerry Spinelli's Space Station Seventh Grade.

The third extremely kid-centric weekend in a row!
Friday: Tibetan sand mandala workshop for kids. Kids age 10-15, so it'll be more interesting than last year's table that random three-year-olds could mess with.
Saturday: Chemistry of Toys workshop at Fernbank, then straight back to the Carlos for the closing ceremonies of the sand mandala and procession to Lullwater Park. Then - sleepover party! Yes. Four giggly girls. All night.
Sunday: Beethoven "in Blue Jeans" concert... "Beethoven" will talk about his works in between the orchestra playing them. Elayna digs Beethoven.


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