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I have a lot going on that I cannot post about, either publicly or at all. Some of this is "argh!" stuff. One thing in particular has me vibrating with glee.

Life is full and I cannot talk about it. Argh!

But if everything goes well, I should be able to talk about everything, um, within a month. Yes. Most likely two weeks or so, but I'll give it a month, maximum.


Things I can talk about:

* Finally got around to getting a haircut. Dead/split ends are gone daddy gone. My hair is shorter again, not far below my shoulders... but it's starting to feel thicker again. The hair replacing the hair that fell out during the catastrophic weight crash of ought-three and ought-four is catching up to the rest of the hair. So. Maybe by the end of the year, it'll be all caught up.... maybe my hair can get long again. (I *miss* waist-length hair!) Thicker hair is a happy-making thing!

* I'm where I want to be with the Craftsman. :) Regular phone calls, but not psychotically often... he's good, he's tremendously helpful when my brain goes pear-shaped... and he's self-aware. Can't underestimate the excellence of that last one. And, well, yay for sexual compatibility. *grin* But yes. It's an intellectually compatible thing, and it suits both of our energy levels and availability levels.... I am happy and not overextended, which is a big and welcome change!

* I got BPAL imps from phinnia! White Rabbit, which I've been very curious about from y'all's reviews... and Kathmandu. Now, I never do this - but when I opened and sniffed Kathmandu, I practically squealed. So yummy! Saffron, blessed sandalwood, Himalayan cedar and the miraculous lotus of the Buddha with chiuri bark and Nepalese spices, the site says. Must be the spices. Something in there just makes my brain inordinately happy.

* Adam and I have been doing less heat-and-serve and more actual cooking lately, and this pleases me. The house smells garlicky.

* I truly have the best husband in the world.

* Speaking of Adam, he's doing another horror movie countdown... this time, it's the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Go read yendi!

* When we were first discussing chapbooks, themaskmaker requested one of character descriptions and flash-fiction bits of each character. I copy/pasted the snapshots I'd already done. 10 pages, plus a bio for each is 20... hm. That could be viable. And I can probably do flash-fiction bits without fucking up my wrist too much. We shall see. I need to be writing.

* My wrist is mending slowly... they keep making me overexert it at work.

* Tibet Week! The opening ceremonies were nifty.... chanting and cacophonous music, yay! Elayna and I will look in on the mandala-making today after chess club. She has a mandala-making workshop tomorrow night.

And how are you?
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