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Elayna and I are pumped from selling Girl Scout cookies. W00t!

Three hours in front of Borders in Midtown. Side note: Fabulous gay men love Girl Scouts. I mean, I know this was Midtown, so the fabulous gay man to other customer ratio is already skewed. But the fabulous gay men don't just buy cookies, they hang out and talk to the girls. "Which one's your favorite? Oh, then I'll take two of those!"

It isn't just there. When the girls were doing the car wash last year, fabulous gay men with clean cars just handed them money. Didn't want the car wash. Just loved the Girl Scouts.

I find myself not liking the splitting-cookie-credit-evenly thing today.... because six girls showed up, and three of them did *nothing*. Just sat on their asses. One of them bought a box of cookies, and they ate them. That's all. Once, all three of the non-lazy Girl Scouts were actively making sales, and a prospective customer walked up to the lazy ones with money in his hand and just stood there, being ignored by them. I had to draw their attention to him with severe hinting. So. Yes. Elayna was Heelying all over the place, even selling to a construction crew, the mailwoman, and people at tables outside the neighboring Whole Foods... two of the other girls were also pretty damn active... and these girls who would not have been involved in handing over a single box of cookies had I not been there are going to get equal credit.

Hmph, I say. Hmph.

But yes. Three hours selling cookies. She got the next volume of Fruits Basket as a reward. And I am getting garlicky meaty pasta as my reward.
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