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* Bill Maher: "New Rule: marriage should be defined not by the government, but by the consenting adults involved." *applause* "Now, wait - if you're going to applaud that for gay marriage, you have to applaud it for polygamy." And later in the monologue: "Maybe it's monogamy that's unnatural."

That's from Friday's Real Time, which Adam and I just watched last night. Googling does not turn up a transcript, but if anyone stumbles across one, let me know; it was a great ending monologue.

* I have Spider-Man sneakers. That light up. I am a boy-size 3.

* I'm still doing Operation Freefall! I need to raise $600 by April 1. I'm currently at $345. Please sponsor me!

* Got the Hitachi Magic Wand yesterday. To quote half of Utah, "Oh my hell!"

* I spent half of my Sunday on a quest for chicken fat. "Or Nyafat," my aunt said. "But it has to be unrendered!" Over an hour of questing for chicken fat. We are so Jewish.

* The rest of my Sunday was spent being lectured by my mother. Fun. *sigh*

* When I first started writing nanosong, I was afraid to post it; it's got some extreme stuff that could be triggering. Adam talked me out of my edginess: "If it were in a bookstore," he said, "anyone could pick it up. Anyone could read it. Without you holding their hand. So stop holding your LJ readers' hands. If, after your warnings, they pick it up and are adversely affected, that's on them, not you."

I've thought of modifying the way I journal here because some people can stumble across my LJ and read it... But this isn't something you can come back to accidentally. I'm not responsible for people's choices. If this was in a bookstore, et cetera... so. I'm not going to modify my LJ based on that.

* I have started a List of things I have to do. Easier than having them all swirl in my head. I will do at least three of them today.

* I may go get my laptop today!

* Spooky tied a ribbon around the umbrella she sent me for Valentine's Day; on the ribbon was a heart-shaped shell with a spiral in the middle. That is what I am wearing for a necklace now. :) Only problem is that I'm used to a 16" chain and I have it on an 18" chain. Need a 16" silver chain. *nod* Still. Spooky!
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