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What's with *today* today?

From an e-mail, about naps:

What's driving me crazy schedule-wise is physical therapy; I give half my afternoon to it twice a week. Wears me out. And today... I should've napped, but I forgot it was Monday. Elayna usually gets out of school at 2:15, so I don't nap til *after* I get her, because 1-2 isn't an adequate nap. On Mondays she has Mad Science, and doesn't get out til 3:20 - enough time to nap before getting her, but *not* after, or I won't sleep well at night. So. I realized it was Monday at 2. *sigh* No nap. And no nap tomorrow because of PT. Maybe nap Wednesday. No nap Thursday; PT. Maybe nap Friday, maybe not - depends what time my ride wants to head out. No nap on Saturday; cookie sales.

Naps are a luxury for most people... understand that they are a necessity for me! My system is fragile, overtaxed - and I'm on two medications that both cause extreme fatigue, one of which I've just doubled the dosage on. The other of which causes enough issues at this level that I qualify for Social Security Disability just on this minimum-for-me dose. And they're reacting off each other, I think.

...not to mention the other four medications, but hey.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. :)

What I neglected to mention in the e-mail, and what I say here, along with the e-mail, to 'splain, or at least sum up:

When I get out of work, I'm exhausted. Too much pushing of the brain and body. When I get home, it takes a lot of effort to keep from collapsing til I have to get Miss Kid... and sometimes my brain isn't together enough to do stuff like paperwork, housecleaning, bill-paying.

Not until after my nap.

These days, if I don't either stay home from work and therefore take the day at my body's own pace or get a nap, nothing gets done. And I've got one hell of a backlog. House stuff, what writing stuff I can do with my wrist like this...

It can get depressing. /understatement

So. Yeah. Bed now.

And yeah, I am mostly okay, and I'll be okay. It's just a long haul, and the wrist thing and accompanying loss of several hours per week to PT are Not Helping.

EDIT: A note: When I post stuff like this.... I'm not whining, I'm not throwing a pity party, I'm not chasing net-*hug*s. I hope that I make that apparent. I'm just documenting. I believe that there will be a time in my life, hopefully soon, when my body returns to functionality. And I want to be able to flip back and read how things were when it was like this. I'm obsessive about documenting, in general.
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