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Regarding Elayna's teacher: But wait! There's more!

Wednesday's homework is always dictation; I read out a paragraph that includes ten of her 25 spelling words, she copies it down, et cetera.

Today, I threw down the paper in disgust.

And proceeded to whip out my green pen, because my red pen is missing, and make corrections.

The first sentence?

"Recently a series of hoaxes were filmed at Universal Studios."

No. No. No. AAAAAGH. No.

It's not just that this woman sticks an apostrophe in basic plurals.

But she has no freakin' concept of basic subject-verb agreement.

I sat down with Elayna and explained to her that a series were not filmed. It is possible that several series were filmed. But a series was filmed.

She also wrote "cells" for "cellos" and "you" for "your". But that's just typo-ing and laziness. The subject-verb agreement thing is the inexcusable one.

This person teaches children.

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