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Medical update #838, wrist edition

This is a two-doctor week. Yay me?

Today's doctor = the orthopedist. He bent my hand and wrist about, reiterated that I shouldn't type with my right hand, and continued to fail to understand that my entire day-job = typing - and opening mail and carrying things and, well, stuff that hurts my wrist.

The upshot: Continue with the brace and the physical therapy and the restricted wrist motion. And he's scheduled an MRI to see if it's just one tendon or more than one that's superinflamed, so he can give me a "little" cortisone shot if it's just one and get me functional a little quicker.

Him: "A cortisone shot would hurt a little."
Me: "I haven't slept through the night in almost a month. I want this over."

And that's the news.
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