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Voice Post: In Which Shadesong Goes Batshit Insane

864K 4:19
“(paraphrased) 'Song has a bad day, it's 9:30 at night and she has not eaten. She browses through the cupboards for food. There is no food except that which goes in bowls. Elanya used the last bowl. 'Song finds a small styrofoam bowl. 'Song pours cereal and hurts wrist. 'Song goes to look for spoon. Can't find metal spoon. Finds box of plastic utensils. All that is there are forks and knives. Is about to scream.... and then 'Song realises that she is so very frustrated because she *has no spoons*. 'Song references the Spoon Theory ( and starts insane giggling. At this point, the transcriber is sure that 'Song's gone off the deep end. 'Song then declares a do-over on her birthday for the next week. 'Song bids all a goodnight and goes to bed.”

Transcribed by: zarhooie
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