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Birthday Loot List

$350 in Apple Store giftcards & cash money from my parents and my mother-in-law! And an Apple e-card from my birthmom, saying that my gift would be late, which would hopefully indicate more Apple Store money... I have $700 toward the laptop now. Glee!

$50 to spent at the Disney store from morenasangre and farren!

From elionwyr.... oh. Oh, oh, oh. The most beautiful thing: a large (foot across?) dreamcatcher, the rim made of twined grape branches (yes?).... gorgeous glossy black feathers with highlights of bluegreenpurple... little shells strung on the dreamcatcher... beads... and a tiny bird nestled into it.... Elayna is as enraptured as I am. We just stared at it going "Ooooh" and making delighted exclamations for a bit...

And that's it so far - I'll get my gift from Adam tonight/tomorrow (depending what time he gets in). Likewise Elayna, I'm sure. She gave me a card today, too.

A few people have said I'll get their gifts and/or cards late - my response: "No problem! Hell, my husband is getting here late." :)

EDIT! Oh! And in Kingdom of Loathing... my present to myself was beating the Naughty Sorceress. :) My presents from others: Various greenery and a mugcake from childofchaos, a daisy from jennasuze, and Hell Ramen from wuduaelfen. :)
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