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Voice Post: Shadesong Explains It All

1923K 9:20
“Hello and welcome to the birthday edition of Shadesong Explains It All!

Ummmm, the sound quality may get weird because I'm in my basement because that's where my computer is, and I hope this records ok.

Alright, starting off: This is actually a Frequently Asked Question.
"Am I still planning to move to Boston?"
The answer: Yes, yes, yes. *excited breathy sigh* Also, yes.

Let's see...Another question..."How would the world be different if cats were the dominant species?"
What makes you think they're *not*?

Question #3: "If you could have absolutely anything for your birthday, what would it be?"
A house in Boston. (Yes, I am a little bit one-track here.)

Another question..."If money, distance, and other factors weren't an issue, what could I do that would make you very, very happy?"
You know? I boring, and I am so single-track on another track, also, which guess, I guess means I'm double-tracked but...oh well. *small laugh* The thing that springs to mind right away is that when I finally get the Shayara printed? Buy it, please. Read my stuff! And be aware of my world, and all of that.

Question: "What is the best thing you've found in Boston thus far?"
*giggle* *smiling as she says this* There, there are people in Boston that I like to have sex with. There are people in Boston and New York area that I am, am going to like having sex with. And stuff like that. And yes, and I'm blushing.

Um. Next question. "Are those promises of beatings and bitings still good?"
I will have to issue you a raincheck. Because, right now, beating you would hurt me more than it would hurt you.

"What time of day were you born?"
I was born approximately 4AM.

Um, "Where are you now?"
In the basement.

Um, "How do you cope with the ever-present drama?"
For the most part, I ignore it. Unless it's directly impacting my life, like if someone showed up on my doorstep, I really don' attention to it, or register it. If I hear about any of it, it's usually through somebody else saying, 'Hey I thought you should know..." Um, I don't have *time* for that. I don't have time for the stuff I *do* want to do.

Let's see..."If karma decides to put the screws to me for being such an utter, utter bastard f-[sound cuts out for a moment] will my children (who are amazing) be scar[r]ed by karmic retribution or will it spill over and get made up to them the next go-around?"
I think your karma is your own. I don't think they're gonna get screwed for that.

Hmm. "How can someone who grew up in a family that wasn't loving be sure that they won't pass the hurt along to their kid?"
Do...Look at what your parents did, and do the opposite. Honestly, that's how I raise Elayna. Um, that could be a whole post on, on its own, and it probably will be eventually.

Ok. Another question: "What scares you?"
The thought of anything bad happening to Elayna.

(end of part 1)”

Transcribed by: elionwyr
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