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The Care and Feeding of Shadesong

(There's going to be a wiki for this, seriously.)


When I say I'm staying home from work, this is how I plan the day to go...

* Drive Elayna to school.
* Come home, take meds.
* Go back to sleep.

That last one is important. I realize that the focus has been on my wrist lately, but please do remember that my anti-seizure meds wreak havoc on my body, and one of the biggest ways they do so = spoonlessness, constant fatigue.

The days I stay home from work are the only days that I'm fully functional, that my body moves at the pace it needs to to get through the day.

This only works if I get my gods-damned rest.


Although I appreciate that people want to wish me a happy birthday?

Do not call me at 9:30 AM on my day off. Or 10:00. Or 10:30.


Please and thank you.

So. Um. Very little sleep. But I took a walk. And the weather gods have gifted me with a nice warm day. And now I go to physical therapy; when I return, I'll answer your poll questions! And I'm still trying to decide what to do about dinner tonight. And does anyone have a good lasagna recipe for tomorrow night?
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