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+ Elayna was so good at physical therapy and then at the grocery store. My little helper. :)

- The bags from the grocery store languished in my trunk for at *least* half an hour. Because I am scatterheaded.

+ But I did remember to buy stamps!

+ Mail call included a postcard from dandelion_diva, a Sekrit Package from stripedsocks, and a bunch of BPAL imps from never1eighty! *is loved* I have to start actually trying these imps (I have two from kizlj, too). Your descriptions of the scents sound like wine tastings...

+ Got two bottles of wine for Friday - the Rosemount, and Little Penguin. Have never tried Little Penguin. Had to get it because of the name. BTW, vanuslux and skyra - dinner is kid-friendly! We may watch inappropriate things later, but Elayna will be with us for dinner, so feel free to bring your kids.

No more typing. *nod*
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