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Stop freaking out. Just sponsor. :P

It's a tandem jump. I'll be strapped to a "licensed tandem master". Even if (gods forbid) I seize midair, I'll get down safely; my tandem person will pull the cord. I'm not going to die. *pets the worried people* I do know that solo jumping in my condition would be spectacularly stupid.

zarhooie, via phone: "What if there are snakes on the plane?!?"
Me: "All the more reason to jump out of it."

burning_brain, caulay, ian_gunn, thisdaydreamer - thank you so much! I'm up to $150 already!

And yes. This is what happens when I'm cooped up in my house for weeks with no writing allowed. The oddest things sound like good ideas.

And... I am living in a world of decisions needing to be made right now. The one to jump out of an airplane is the easiest, actually.
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