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The new news...

Physical therapist says it feels like I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist. This is a mild thing, nothing to worry about - will show up on the MRI I'm likely to have week after next - and is not the cause of the pain, as it could affect the extensors or the flexors, not both. She says the problem is definitely job-related tendonitis.

Other problem: thumb tendon is unhappy. Doesn't slide smoothly through the tendon sheath.

How my body is like the Book of Numbers in the Torah: there's a metric assload of "begat"ting going on here. The anti-seizure meds begat the weight loss, which begat the heart problem (I think); tendonitis begat a ganglion cyst, or vice versa, or hell, I don't know. Numbers was always my least favorite.
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