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Teenage Fenris and Jessa are eating my brain.

Eating. My. Brain.

They're both so defensive when they meet - him more than her. She's just wary because so many people want her to be the Lishaya reborn + she gets hit on a lot; he's aggressively defensive because in his experience, girls who look like Jessa are fucking evil, and the only question in his mind is whether this girl will be laughing in his face or behind his back. (She points out that he's judging her by her appearance, tells him to knock it off.) (He's had a very bad childhood.)

And they become best friends, and then lovers. And I love them. Their contemporaries don't really get them at first, but as years go by, Jessa shows the steel beneath her silk more and more....

Medicated. Not sure I'm making sense.

Anyway. Fenris + Jessa = OTP.
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