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Iontophoresis iontophoresis iontophoresis. Iontophoresis.

I learned a new word at physical therapy! Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is how one gets steroids to the inflamed tendons without shoving a bigass needle into the wrist. I like iontophoresis.

To give you some idea of my general pain level: this is the first time in my life I've consented to any medical procedure without even asking what it is. She just said "Since you can't have anti-inflammatories... huh. If you like, I can give you steroids through iontopho-"

Me: "Yespleasethankyou."

So yes. Physical therapy =

* evaluation of just how fucked the wrist is
* heating pads
* ultrasound-wand massage (???)
* regular massage
* iontophoresis

and I have a list of exercises and recommendations and apointments for Thursday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and the reassurance that the steroids should have me feeling much better tonight.

Iontophoresis. Say it out loud. It is a fun word to chant.
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