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“(originally transcribed by ayalanya)

So now that I've started thinking about that minor fuck-up in Shayara continuity, I <i>really want to write</i>. Like, more than usual. And not just that scene, I wanna write a whole bunch of stuff from that era. That era actually would be the time that Fenris, Jessa, and Annie spent at the Sanctuary.

The thing that needs to be re-written is that Fenris and Jessa's first kiss, which is one of the first things that I wrote about them in retrospect, originally took place in Shayara. However, since she meets Annie at the Sanctuary, and she's already sexually active by the time she meets Annie, their first kiss had to have taken place at the Sanctuary. Because that's also where she first met Fenris.

So, like I said, it's not going to affect a whole bunch of other things, and it's easy to re-write, and I wanna just...go re-write it. But now I'm finding that I want to write a whole bunch of other stuff from that time, mostly having to do with Jessa and Annie. And...this is one of those times when I really wish I could draw. Because if I could, I would draw a picture of them together. No, not having hot girlsex, very sorry guys. *laugh* I would draw them together, I would draw them holding each other.

They are very visually different. Jessa is the typical Tamrani woman, but with lighter hair than usual - her hair is sort of a pure wheat-blonde (whereas Julia's is a much darker color). And her eyes are a very clear green, instead of the usual Tamrani blue-grey-green that changes colors.

Annie is very typical L'Arath, which is the house of Jeramie and Napalm also, so if you take a look at them you can pretty much extrapolate how she's going to look. Long, chestnut-brown hair, she's got the very typical L'Arathi eyes with the grey in the green - the grey with the border of dark green.

And I just think they look so cute together. *sheepish laugh* I'm such a dork. And of course this also now reminds me of Spooky. *giggle* Of the two girls all shmoopy with each other thing. But, I wanna draw them together, and I want to write about them.

Jason, the person in charge of the Sanctuary, requires terrible things of both of them. Not terrible in that they're forced to do bad things. But terrible in that these things will take an extreme toll on their lives. Will keep them seperate from the time they leave the Sanctuary, pretty much constantly. And things that they wouldn't necessarily want to do, but have to do. Because it's their fate.

The difference between the two of them -

And I think that this stems from the fact that Jessa was raised Dasaroi, she was born into Shayara, she's always known what she is and who she is. And she has grown up looking like the lost Lishaya, being mistaken for her - and she's grown up very aware of the political situation in Shayara - so when Jason asks her what he asks of her, she complies. Without a second thought. He tells her it's time to go home, and she looks at him, and she says okay. And that's her childhood ending right there. And she goes, and she brings Fenris with her.

Whereas Annie, when told what he wants of her, really doesn't take it very well. Fights with him, leaves the Sanctuary with Nicholas, marries Nicholas, and will not speak to Jason for *years*. During this time, the thing that he's asked her to do keeps haunting her, and eventually she does it because she has to do it. But she still doesn't speak to him, for probably a total of fifteen years.

So they're very different girls. And their relationship fascinates me and I want to write it. Right now. And I can't right now. *wry laugh* And it's just incredibly frustrating.

And I also wanna write Jessa and Fenris porn, but that's not as necessary. *laugh* Although I know a few of you would argue that it is. It's not, really.

That's it for now. I have Jessa living in my head, with Annie and with Fenris, and I really wanna write about her but I can't. And...that's life for right now.

Okay! And that's the end of this long and rambling post! Bye-bye!”

Transcribed by: multiple users

(Spelling for anyone who wishes to transcribe: Tamrani. L'Arath. Shayara. Um, I think that's it for non-English words.)
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