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ydnic and I decided what my birthday party shall be:

A high-calorie potluck!

March 3. My place. She's bringing the creme brulee, just to have an excuse to use a blowtorch. We decided we definitely need lasagna. And something to do with steak + garlic and butter. Bring whatever you like, as long as it cannot be mistaken for diet food in any way.

So. Lots of food. And lots of wine. And Cid hasn't seen The Aristocrats yet, so we'll probably watch that.

We have decided on a theme. It will be a mystery party. Specifically, "How to Host a Teen Mystery: Barbecue with the Vampire". We will serve barbecue; party favors will include magnifying glasses and vampire fangs. And other stuff, to be decided when we actually see the kit.

We went to Toys R Us today to see if they had it in stock, and to do recon for birthday gift requests. Something you wouldn't think would be troublesome: Elayna doesn't want anything. She'd like the next book of Fruits Basket, sure. And a video game or two. And anything by Jerry Spinelli. But no big-ticket items. And she has three grandmas who all really want to get her big-ticket items. So. I'm actually raising her right, in terms of "rampant consumerism = evil". But the grandmas are dissatisfied, and will not be okay with buying her llamas.

No, the wrist doesn't have a birthday. Just reporting that it still really freakin' hurts.

And that is all for now.
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