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Voice Post: Gift from Spookie, B5, No Typing.

906K 4:23
“Day 2 of my isolation, I was actually going to say day 2 of my confinement, but day 2 of my isolation works just as well, pretty much what I was gonna say next. Most of my communication with other people is, if not through LJ itself through email. And I found myself pretty much unable to keep up a conversation one handed. When that one hand is my left hand. When that one hand is my right hand, no problem, which is why I've got this freaking tendonititis.

In any case, uhmm, I've watched some Babylon 5 today and it's really remarkable how much of the overall plot was there just from the first episode, Midnight on the Firing Line. If you haven't watched B5 you really need to, and if you're local and haven't watched Babylon 5 come over. If you're not local and you haven't watched Babylon 5, I may fly out to see you and make you watch Babylon 5.

In other news, I finally got my Valentine's day gift from Spookie, and she made me a gorgeous umbrella, which doesn't sound like much if you don't know Spookie and you haven't seen her umbrellas, but it's beautiful, and it is sparkly and has rhinestones and lots of other stones on it and really pretty black lace trim and it is my Tamarani House color, and I am such a dork, and, I love it that she knows that that's my color and she speaks in Dasaroi on the card.

[Author note: Goddamnit woman, PAUSE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. Inhale!]

Aaand, speaking of which, I am also happy and gratified that so many of you, in my former post, asking what you would do with me if you had me for 24 hours, that so many of you would want to hear me talk about Shayera, or that you would want to hear me read or tell stories. That's so cool, thank you guys! *giggle* And for the most part people want to cuddle me and have me show them movies, and eat chocolate with them, and a lot of you wanna pamper me, and two of you want me to clean your houses, but I'm assuming that's after my wrist gets better (?) cause neither of you seem very sadistic in, in your nature. Hmmm, oh and the Ctraftsman did come up with something sexual and it was oh so yummy and I'm planning a trip out and that'll be fun too.

Hmm, what else?

Elayna had a visit in school today from a couple of teenagers who are planning to be dentists, yeah just like the elf in Rudolph, and the kids apparently talked way waaaaaay down to the kids, the kids being the teenagers apparently talked way way down to the kids in Elayna's class and Elayna was talking about this the entire way home. She was absolutely incensed at the condescention in the voices of these kids. This is a thing you should know when you're talking to Elayna. Talk to her like you're talking to your intellectual peer. If you talk to her like she's a five year old, I'm going to be forced to assume that YOU are the mental age of a 5 year old and treat YOU accordingly. *L* I mean seriously, this is something that's very elementary for all kids, for dealing with all kids. Treat them like you would a peer. It'll become obvious very shortly if they're not at that intellectual level, and if they ARE at that intellectual level, you gain HUGE mega bonus points with them. She'll just give you a withering look if you talk to her like she's a kid.

I guess that's it... there's a whole bunch of comments I wanna respond to and I may sit Adam down and have him type things for me later, but he types SO SLOW. And Elayna, Elayna is wonderful but she types so slow too. She is reading Elfquest now and didn't even hear me or she'd probably give me a Look. And now she's giving me a Look.

I'm actually going to go and try to have a nap. And... I miss you guys, and I miss typing, and I'm gonna miss my deadline for the Shayera primer and that's really pissing me off. And... If you see me doing too much typing, even just with my left hand, yell at me? And... that's about it. Gift from Spookie, phone call from the Scholar which I missed, and lots of B5, and... it was, y'know, it was a good day. And I'm going to hang up now cause otherwise I'm going to talk for hours. *click*”

Transcribed by: dark_blade
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