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An incomplete list of everyday actions that utilize one's dominant wrist

...pulling up/zippering pants.
...brushing teeth.
...everything to do with showering, but particularly washing one's hair.
...ponytailing one's hair, should one decide that washing it is too painful.
...opening a car door.
...turning key in ignition.
...emergency brake.
...changing gears.
...unlocking doors.
...cupping a stack of Oreos.
...the normal action of taking medication (pills in one hand, glass in the other).
...writing. (with a pen, not a keyboard. with a keyboard, too, though.)
...reading. (page-turning = a bitch.)


'Twould be easier if I had a frickin' cast.

On today's agenda - call to see if I have an orthopedist appointment yet. (Woke up in pain in the middle of the night again.) Watch B5. Nap.

*wave* G'mornin.
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