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Happy birthday to i_descend!

Exhaustion + nausea. Must nap soon as I get home.

Wrist and hand still in pain. Must call doctor. :(

About that pain
Typing is part of what's aggravating it. So I can't take a break from what's aggravating it. Not just the writing-the-primer thing, but typing is a huge part of my day job, and I have no sick days accumulated. And I can't take anti-inflammatories because of the ulcerthingie. So that's two pieces of very good advice that I can't take.

I think I'll stop by CVS on the way home and look for a better wrist brace. This is just a soft foam wrappy thing.

EDIT: Appointment with primary care doc, Wednesday at 2:15. *nod*

St00pid Snow
My houseguest? Is from up north. His original flight was 8:30 last night. His revised flight? 10:45 AM tomorrow. Poor guy.

About Travel
AirTran's having a sale through tomorrow. If you've been thinking about visiting...

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