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Friday Audience Participation:" may well feel obliged to my employer for the use of an alias."

Let's talk about naming.

You'll have noticed that I use aliases for some people on my LJ. The thousand-person spotlight? Not for everybody. (Spooky, at first. The Craftsman.) But sometimes I use aliases just because they suit the person. (The Scholar.)

It's funny how these things come about. Let's break that down...

Spooky. Those of you who know her know that there's no better nickname; this is the woman from whom, as the Scholar said, "it's Halloween all year long". And she calls me Story. :)

The Craftsman. He's using an alias because my sexfilter is a bit large for his taste. :) He chose his own name - "It's both a philosophy and a brand of sex toys", he says. :)

The Scholar. The Scholar is so named because Miss Spooky and I spent the first night of his visit impishly, crow-girlishly, calling him Professor as he speechified. He'd've been The Professor, save for the fact that I work at a university and wouldn't want anyone thinking I was talking about an actual professor!

So my question this Friday is this:

Given the opportunity to name yourself, what name would you choose?

And what would you name me?
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