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Happy birthday to badlittlemonkey!

Happy early birthday to museumfreak and tidesong, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader sarcazm!

Exhaustion like whoa + nausea. I don't think the Prilosec is working, as it's specifically supposed to reduce nausea and let my appetite back into the building, and the last two days, I've been more nauseous than usual. I haven't been taking it entirely as directed, though; I'm supposed to take it 15-30 minutes before eating, but that's not really feasible the way I do my mornings - a mad dash of "oh crap I'm late" due to the exhaustion, shower - wolf down waffles and meds - brush teeth - put on mascara and lipstick - gogogo!

Also, I'm a tiny bit brainfucked and coordination-fucked. The latter is manifesting as sort of a delayed-response thing.

I ascended last night, after finally blowing up my chef-in-a-box! Go me. *boogies down* I decided to go teetotaler this time. Not hardcore, though. I was tempted. But I like my stuff. *laugh*

Chat within the page? Like I need more temptation...

Turqouise cowlneck sweater from Anthropologie, jeans, Happy Bunny "crazy doesn't begin to cover it" panties, dancing skeleton socks.

Just finished Sideways, by Rex Pickett. The speech that made Adam fall in love with the movie? Not in the book. But the book is very good regardless. (Also, Miles is a much less sympathetic character in the book. But I like fucked-up characters. *cough*nanosong*cough*)

Next up? Dreams of the Compass Rose, by norilana. I'm looking forward to it! (Don't buy that edition - a new one's coming out soon from iBooks. I'll link when it's available!)

Elayna is Reading
David Lubar's Invasion of the Road Weenies, sequel to one of her favorite books, In the Land of the Lawn Weenies.

We have an out-of-town guest this weekend! He's probably already on the plane. :) (EDIT @ 10:20: he has landed safely.) So our weekend activities are guest-centric. Will likely include breakfast at Java Jive. (Mmm, gingerbread waffles...) Will definitely include museumfreak's birthday brunch. *nod*

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