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* The stuff that was driving me crazy before? Well. Don't hand me a huge project and then keep interrupting me. My brain isn't multitracking as well these days. Especially don't interrupt me if you're not sure what you actually want me to do. Please do your thinking out loud somewhere else and, when you have made a decision, write it down for me. Because. Big huge project. Very limited time.

* Secretaries love those who learn to send their own damn faxes. The instructions are *right there* next to the machine. I am on a big huge project.

* Please give me all of the information I request. I wouldn't be requesting it just for the hell of it. The program needs evey piece of information requested, or it will not run. Going back and forth on this just means it isn't getting done. Also? Big huge project?

* OMFG leave me alone.

* Note to Elayna's school: My child has allergies. She makes a decision on whether to buy lunch at school or bring it from home based on the menu you send home. Stop changing the fucking menu. You've changed it to include only things she's allergic to today; therefore, you need to find her a fucking lunch option. (They did. PB&J. But I'm writing a letter.)

On the bright side... the biggest problem re: working on the primer is that I can't show you the shiny new pieces I'm writing. Because people will be paying for this, and if you pay, you deserve new content. So I'm twitchy. The linguistics thing came out well, and I don't know whose voice it's in, but it's amusingly stuffy, but I can't show you. Argh. Argh argh argh.

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