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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers eithne7 and selentian!

The usual.

Mary Sue?
Okay, writers? You have to go take this test. Right now. I'll wait. And when you come back, you should tell me what question(s) had you covering your face in mortification and saying "Oh no, I'm sorry..."

Regarding Rape
I posted last night about the Voices and Faces Project, which I just read about in Bitch. I'm reposting it this morning because, like I said last night, this is Important - it's important to break the silence. If you're willing to speak... you can't imagine how powerful that is, in helping those who still feel trapped and voiceless. My links are here. (Also in that thread, the beginnings of my sussing out what's likely to be an essay on becoming a sex-positive and kink-positive survivor.)

Back on the Chain Gang
It's so frustrating to return to work after a day of hanging out with my kid. Boston now please?
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